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Letter From Red to Marg, WW II

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Red to Marg in October 3, 1945. Red had completed basic training at Great Lakes Naval Station and his mailing address was San Francisco though I don't know that he was actually in or near San Francisco. Perhaps you've read it before; if so, refresh your memory; if not, I trhink you'll get a laugh.


"Today I distinguished myself.  We had some big wooden rafts tied alongside the ship to stand on and chip off paint and put on fresh. One of the rafts got loose and sailed downstream.

I was 'aft on the fantail' of the ship and I saw her coming. Men were shouting orders and running for a boat. But I was calm and collected.  I ran over to the rack and got a long piece of line. I called it a good old lariat rope. I tied a loop in the end of her and tossed it around the scaffold on the raft in a very efficient manner.  I quickly took turns around the bits - a snubbing post.  Then, true to tradition I raised my ten
gallon hat, put it on the back of my head, hooked my thumbs in my belt, and with my feet well apart waited for the citation.

None come, although Lt. Phillips did see it. I felt pretty good at myself way down deep inside me."

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