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Harlan Genealogy

Genealogists are continually researching and publishing their findings on the internet. We can now trace our ancestral lines much further back in history. I don’t know about the accuracy of these sites but they are well prepared and presented.

Our Harlan Genealogy was first developed by Alpheus Harlan in the early 1900’s. Information about it can be found at harlanfamily.org. The Harlan genealogy had
begun with James HARLAND #1 who was born about 1625 in Bishoprick, Durham, England.

Pearl Harlan Hullinger 1895-1993
Our Harlan paternal line now goes four more generations back before we run out of information on our Harlan name line. Each blue highlighted text are links back to the on line genealogy.  

Most of the new information comes from ourfamilyhistories.org. We thank them for their work.


Our new deeper Harlan genealogy. You can click on the blue highlighted link to go to the source site.

Henry Harland abt 1522, d. abt 1580 Sutton Hall - Sutton Hall and Huby, in the North Riding of Yorkshire: a portion of the property was in the family before the Restoration, and another granted to Captain Richard Harland for his services in the royalist army at the battle of Marston Moor. Also the Middleton estate near Darlington, in the county of Durham, which has been possessed for some time by the family. COAT OF ARMS: Argent on a bend between two cottizes three stag's heads caboshed azure  CREST: A sea horse ppr. holding between his hoofs a stag's head caboshed az. charged with an escallop, for HARLAND

Robert Harland, b. 1546, of Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England

James Harland, b. 1570, Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England, d. Abt 1615, Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham

William Harland , b. 1594, of Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England, d. 29 Jul 1651, Sunderland, Durham, England

James Harlan  (Listed #1 in the Harlan Genealogy, this text from the Harlan Genealogy) was born about 1625 in Bishoprick, Durham, England. He died in England. He was buried in England. From "History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family" by Alpheus Harlan- "James Harland, Yeoman and member of the Episcopal Church, was b. about the year 1625 in the "Bishoprick, Nigh Durham, England," and is the earliest paternal ancestor known to the family in America bearing the name Harlan. He lived and d. an Englishman, and was bur. upon English soil, no one to-day knows where. Tradition says that the name of his father was William.  (The new info says he died on 17 Feb 1680 and is buried at Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England.

Wealthy people and nobles had more children than other people. Their children had more healthy children who survived, and so on. Only a few children could be rich nobles.  Eventually most of their descendants became average people. Most people alive today have these wealthy people in their genealogy.

And the Harlans had some famous ancestors as shown on the listing below.  We descend from famous Charlemagne and a number of other famous and infamous Kings, Queens, Viscounts, Earls, Counts and Barons. This line of descent jumps back and forth between men and women.

And that will buy you a cup of coffee if you have the coin. Still, it is fun to check it out.

Charlemagne Carolingians, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire b. 2 Apr 0742 Ingelmunster, West Flanders, Belgium, Netherlands d. 28 Jan 0814

Louis I "the Pious" Carolingians, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, b. 778  Casseneuil, Lot-et-Garonne, France d. 20 Jun 0840

Charles II "the Bald" Carolingians, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire b. 15 May 823, d. 6 Oct 877 Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen

Louis II Carolingians, King of France “the Stammerer “ b. 1 Nov 846, d. 879  of Orléans, Loiret, France

Adelaide Carolingians, Princess of the Franks Abt 0866 d. 935

Seigneur Amaury de Poitou abt 890, d. after 943 of Aubnay, Nord, France

Sénégonde de Marcillac abt 910 Aubnay, Nord, France

Viscount Cadelon II d'Aubnay, b. 0935, of St. Martin d'Aubigny, Nord, France

Niel Albini, Jr.  b. Abt 0970, , St. Martin d'Aubigny, Nord, France

William d'Aubigny, b. Abt 1000, St. Martin d'Aubigny, Nord, France, d. Abt 1049  (Age ~ 49 years)

Roger d'Aubigny, b. Abt 1040, Aubigny, Calvados, Normandie, France, d. Aft 1084  (Age ~ 45 years)

William I d'Aubigny, b. Abt 1075, Aubigny, Calvados, France, d. 1139  (Age ~ 64 years)

William II d'Aubigny, Earl of Arundel, b. Abt 1102, of, Buckenham, Norfolk, England, d. 11 Oct 1157, Waverly Abbey, Waverley, Surrey, England

Ralph de Albini, Viscount of Petherton, b. Abt 1134, South Petherton, Somerset, England, d. Abt 1192, Acre, Hazafon, Israel, Palestine

Ralph de Aubigny, b. Abt 1173, of South Ingelby, Saxelby, Lincoln, England, d. Abt 1220

Ralph de Albini, b. Abt 1214, South Ingelby, Saxelby, Lincoln, England, d. Bef 25 Jan 1291-1292.

Viscount Elias d'Aubeney, b.1264, Jersey Island, Channel Islands, England

Alianora d'Aubeney abt 1300, Jersey Island, Channel Islands, England

Edmund Hussey Abt 1320, Holbrook, Somerset, England

Joan Hussey 1338 Holbrook, Somerset, England

Sir. Walter Hungerford, Baron, b. 22 Jun 1378, Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset, England, d. 9 Aug 1449, Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England (Age 71 years)

John Hungerford, b. Abt 1421, Farleigh Hungerford, Somerset, England

Anne Hungerford, b. Abt 1478, of, Newbury, Berkshire, England

Edward Langley, b. 1522, of, Sandy, Bedford, England

Thomas Langley 1548 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England

Anne Langley b. 27 Mar 1576 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England, died 30 Jul 1677 Salem Essex, MA,

Elizabeth Seaman 1603 West Ely, Cambridge, England marries William Harland William Harland #1  b. 1594, of Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England,  d. 29 Jul 1651, Sunderland, Durham, England

George Harlan #3  b 11 Mar 1649, christened 11 Jan 1650 Monkwearmouth, Bishophrick, Bainbridge, Durham, England, died July 1714 Centre Memorial Cemetery, Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania - Our First American Harlan ancestor

Aaron Harlan # 8; born 24 December 1685 County Down, Ireland died November 1732 Chester County, Pennsylvania

George Harlan # 37;

George Harlan #180

Moses Harlan  #676 b Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in 1786; died in Peoria, Ill., 1842)  mosesharlan.blogspot.com

Lewis Harlan #2291, b. 8, 17, 1823; lewisharlan.blogspot.com

Marion Harlan b. 1861 d September 8, 1927, Vivian, South Dakota  hullingerheritage.blogspot.com

Pearl Harlan Hullinger June 28,1895 Prole Warren County Iowa, d Jan 20, 1993  hullingerheritage.blogspot.com

Clif Harlan b July 3, 1920 Vivian, Lyman County, South Dakota clifhullinger.blogspot.com  clifhullinger.blogspot.com

! Charlemagne to County Ranulph II Poiters, King of Aquitane.png


Eveline and Lewis Harlan

Pearl Harlan Hullinger's grandparents.

Linn Grove Cemetery
Warren County, Iowa
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Lewis Harlan 1823-1899
Eveline Harlan 1828-1911
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The Red Bull Division

Clif Hullinger's Division, the 34th Infantry Division, had more combat days than any other United States Infantry Division. 

As Clif says, they got in on the ground floor of the war.

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