2010 Reunion


My Aunt Doris Reading

My aunt Doris reading to my older brother and sister and me... a long long time ago.
Dana Erikson

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Renee Erikson Wong You look like Ethan here!
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Gary Kephart That was before TV was invented, right Dana!!!
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Dana Erikson Just about Gary. At least it was way before we had one.
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Karen Sampson Holloway Awe! Cool! Love those old pics! Memories.
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Robin Dee Awww you haven't changed a bit!
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Dana Erikson Yeah that's what I think Robin

Marigel Miranda Yes you look like Ethan !

Dana Erikson I miss Ethan and Emma. Then tells me his leg is getting a lot better. I hope all's well with you in Puebla

Brooke Van Ausdle Love this!

Dana Erikson . Great picture of Doris. She was probably only about 15 or 16.

Denise-Terry Hoon Great picture of Mom and her niece and nephews!

Jani Jansen I love this picture of the three of you and Aunt Dorie!

Craig Harlan Hullinger Very nice photo. Thanks for Sharing I will put it on our bloghullingerheritage.blogspot.com