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DNA Tests

We have done several DNA tests. The results are below. Each test is a little different, although basically the same.  National Geographic is a little more ancient and does not break their results down by nation. Your results will be somewhat similar.

Category23andMeAncestryNational Notes
British and Irish32.830.023andMe combines Irish, Scottish, and English
Ireland, Scotland, Wales11.0Ancestry separates British from Irish and Scottish
French and German1.7
Finnish (+Russian Ancestry)0.41.0Ancestry includes Russian with Finish
Europe West6.023andMe does not have a Europe West category
Broadly Northwestern European26.544.0
Total Northern European95.292.044.0
Iberian1.08.0National Genographic Ancestry more ancient
Italian0.7Ancestry and 23andMe more recent
Broadlly southern European0.6
Total Mediterranean2.58.034.023andMe and Ancestry call it southern European
Eastern European0.7
Askenazi Jewish0.1
Broadly European1.123andMe has more interesting small results
Native American0.3
Middle Eastern and North African0.1
Southwest Asian20.0Southwest Asian Category on Geographic

The Haplogroups below are for Clifford Hullinger.  All children of Pearl Harlan share the maternal haplogroup.  And all of the female ancestors and descendants on the maternal line from Pearl share this same Haplogroup.  

All males descended from John Hullinger and all of their paternal ancestors share the paternal halplogroup. The paternal haplogroup is also referred to as j2a4h2 and we have more info about it at http://j2a4h2.blogspot.com/

Our genealogy is shown on the charts below.


We took another DNA test - from ancestry.com.  Will keep doing it till we get it right.  No great surprises here - shows Great Britain and Scandinavia. It was nice to see the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. We always wanted to have a little Scottish and Irish ancestry and apparently we do.

The Iberian was a surprise. Who knew about Spanish and/or Portuguese?  And this test does not show the small amount of Native American and Northern Africa that are shown by 23 and me test. So we take all this with a slight grain of salt.

If you are interested in such things send me an en email and I will share it with you. It also shows our genealogy so that is interesting.  More info at hullingerdna.blogspot.com  and harlandna.blogspot.com


Performance Art by Stan Wasilik

Earthworm excrement on a twisting hand against a bullet-ridden sign at Cedar Creek access point to the Missouri river on the Lower Brule Indian reservation in South-central South Dakota at sundown. Save your profanity, this is art.



Clif Hullinger passed away peacefully on Friday, August 4, 2017

Clifford Hullinger died on August 4, 2017. He was 97 years old.

Chapel Hills Garden
11333 S. Central in Oak Lawn, IL

Although the family would always appreciate messages, they request that in lieu of flowers you may prefer to donate to any charity of your choosing.

Clif was a beloved brother, father and grandfather, was born in South Dakota and received degrees in chemistry from South Dakota State University and Purdue University. He served in the army during World War II in North Africa and Italy in the 109th Combat Engineers, 34th Infantry Division, rising from private to 1st Sergeant and then a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant at Anzio.

He worked at American Maize Company in Hammond, IN, as Director of Research and Production Manager until retirement, then served as a consultant in several countries including South Korea, Argentina, India and Malaysia. He was a long-time member of the Mount Greenwood Lutheran Church, and served as a board member and President of the Beacon School in Beverly, and as a volunteer leader with the Boy Scouts.

Beloved Husband of the late Louise nee Liffengren. Loving father of Craig (Beth), Anne, Scott (Barb) and the late Neil Hullinger. Dearest grampa of Leigh Ann Masen, Bret, Erik, Krystina, Alex, Shane and the late Clint Hullinger. 

Dear brother of Margaret (The late Ernie) Rohde, Doris (The late Bob) Hulce, Virginia (The late Gerald McClanahan) and the late Maribee (The late Everett) Erikson, Ellis (Audrey) Hullinger, Jack (Eunice) and Carolyn (Lorne) Smith. Fond uncle of many nieces and nephews.

Clif will be remembered by all for his quick wit, kindness and wisdom.

Please share information with anyone who might want to know. In lieu of flowers, please donate to any worthy charity you choose.

Anne Hullinger  
Scott Hullinger  574-904-3076
Craig Hullinger  309-634-5557    craighullinger@gmail.com