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Sad News - Allen and Larry Hullinger

I need a few more prayers I just lost an Uncle today, the father to the cousin I lost a few weeks ago. I have shed so many tears RIP Uncle AL.

H Dean Hullinger


I am very sad to hear it. Allen was a fine man, a WWII Veteran of Italy who carried shrapnel in his arm. I will let my father and Allen's cousin Clif know about it. They were the same age and they both served in Italy in WWII. 

I also just heard about Larry. Very sad.

Craig Hullinger

Obituary for Larry
Obituary for Allen



by Margaret Rohde

Sung to the tune of "Home on the Range"

Oh, give me a clone, a clone of my own
But change the "Y" chromosome to "X"
And when I'm alone with my own little clone
I will think of nothing but sex

    Clone, Clone of my own
    As perfect as perfect can be
    If you want to know, why I love her so
    Its because she's exactly like me.

Piece of Twine

Sung to the tune of "I Walk The Line"
by Margaret Rohde we think.

I hold my pants up with a piece of twine
I keep an open and a willing mind
I keep my eyes out for the ties that bind
because you're mine, please pull the twine. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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