2010 Reunion


Milk Cow - Squirt Cat

When I was a small child one thing we enjoyed was squirting milk from the milk cow on to the kittens and cats.  Uncle Red liked to show the kids how to do it.  The kittens thoroughly enjoyed the milk shower and would come up to cow and milker begging for milk. We were glad to oblige them. The kittens loved it, we loved it, and the cow did not mind. She did not have a cow.

Craig Hullinger

Click for a video - Cow and Cat:  youtube.com/watch?v=jb__daXOQJ0

Remember - don't have a cow.

Does anyone have a photo of anyone in our Hullinger family doing this?  I am sure most of the older ones of us have done this, but I don't have a photo. Send it to craighullinger@gmail.com if you have a photo to share.

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