2010 Reunion


Thank You - Ginny Hullinger

Hullinger Reunion 2015: So much fun, so many to appreciate, so many actions or names I’ll fail to mention…but I SEND A THANK YOU TO

ANNE for PowerPoint photo display with creative captioning and for comfy chairs
AUDREY for key control and halls management, for cookies by the dozens, for on-your-knees mopping
BASKETBALL PLAYERS for stamina and fine entertainment (Autumn, Baron, Ben, Brodie, Dana, Edie, Katrina, Lloyd, Morgan, Rob H, Robert W, Roland, Sam, Stockton, and ???)
BERNIE for providing, hauling TV set & DVD player
CLIFF for hairy war story
CLIFF & MARG for Charlie Chapin duet
DAWN for not shouting NO to being woman in charge of next reunion
             (Note to all: remember and remind her.J)

DORIS & CREW for managing silent auction
DORIS for speech of tribute remembering Maribee, Red, Jack, and Carolyn
ERIKSON CREW for water balloons, water guns, whiffle equipment
EUNICE for mosquito patrol, for cookies by the dozens, for on-your-toes venue verification
EVERYONE for coming, for joyful energy, for all the help and participation this memo fails to list
GORDY for Uncle Harvey article
GUTSCHE, HAROLD & RONDA, for early-morning cleanup attack
HULCE & HOON & JOHNSON CREW for first-day setup
J.K. for the revisited memorable DVD
JUDY & UNKNOWN OTHERS for cookies, cookies, cookies
KARAOKE SINGERS for courage and fine entertainment (Anne, Arielle, Autumn, Baron, Brittan, Brodie, Cherste, Cody, Edie, Gretchen, Guy,  Jeff S, Katrina, Lucy, Lyle, Marin, Max, Mo, Olivia, Reagan, Renee E Wong, Renee A Wasilik, Rob H, Robert W, Ronda, Ryann, Sam, Stan, Stella, Steve, Stockton, Toby, Tommy, and ???)
KEVE & KNAPP & JANSEN & ROHDE CREW for first-day setup
LLOYD for family recollections talk and for non-karaoke solo
LORNE for providing bouncy house transport and a projection screen
LUCY & STELLA, Madison Square Dancers, for their performance
LYLE for farm tours and for dognapping services
MARG for general planning; for inviting, registering, mapping guests; for old-photo display boards
MARTY for renting, hauling, and setting up bouncy castle
MO for renting, hauling, and setting up karaoke equipment
MO for beanbag toss boards
PAT for upping auction profits
PHOTOGRAPHERS, whoever you are, for the picture records
ROY for building and bringing beanbag toss boards
TERRY for beverage and dessert management        

TO ALL:  Please share the preceding message with any family members whose email addresses I do not have.  

Again, THANK YOU,   Ginny Hullinger

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