2010 Reunion


An Untitled Rhyme About Riding a Dead Pig

(an untitled rhyme prepared for a high school 
assignment and written by Margaret {Hullinger} Rhode)

The pig was dead to begin with.
To begin with, the pig was dead.
Its presence was unpleasant
And so our father said:

Drag it away to the bone yard.
To the bone yard drag it away.
Crank up the old F-20
And drag the pig away.

So, Ellis and I on the tractor,
On the tractor, Ellis and I,
Dragging that pig behind us
Under the bright blue sky.

"I dare you to ride that pig," he said.
That pig I dare you to ride."
What could I do but march right back
And perch upon its side.

Paul Revere rode a famous ride.
A famous ride rode he.
But that pig was never ridden before
Until it was ridden by me.

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