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Louise Hullinger RIP

Sad news for our family. Our mother Louise Liffengren Hullinger passed away last night.

She was a talented person. She grew up in western South Dakota during the depression and dustbowl.  She taught in one room school houses starting at 18 years old. She would teach a semester to earn enough money to attend college for a semester. She married my father after WWII. She graduated from South Dakota State in 1947.

Her second son Neil was learning disabled. Louise helped start the Chicago and Illinois Association for Children with Learning Disabilities and was President of both organizations.  They lobbied hard to get the State to pass the laws requiring an appropriate education for every child.

She raised four children and earned a Masters Degree in Special Education. She was an accomplished author.  She published three books and authored numerous poems, stories, and newsletters. We have put some of her writings on the blogs below.

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