2010 Reunion


Clif and Louise Hullinger Have Moved

Clif and Louise have successfully moved into their new home. It is very nice. They get a lot more support here which will help Louise a lot.  White table cloth restaurant with flowers every day. Such a Deal!! 

They moved from a two bedroom two bath home into a one bedroom and one bath, so space is a bit tight but workable.

They are in the same building but on the other side. They have a new address: 

2315 W 112th Place
Chicago, IL 60643

Their phone stays the same  773 253 5426

Their email stays the same. 

Clif and Louise are sharing Clif's email.

Clif and Louise say hello.

Louise would probably appreciate snail mail. Large print and photos would be good.

Please send to all the relatives.


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