2010 Reunion


The Playhouse Under Construction for Dana and his Grandaughters

Roofs on and I'm a happy camper ..er carpenter. Suggestions wanted for trim color.

Terry Shangreaux Cloud white trim with sea foam green on the extetior walls. 
Did you install carpet inside? Tile? Hardwood? 
And you really need to add a couple of windows with storm shutters. Just sayin'.
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Karen Sampson Holloway Ask the Grandkids? Do their favorite color!!😃
Lloyd Erikson Lavender
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Craig Harlan Hullinger
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Doug Deppe Looks good the way it is!! You could get a $1,000 a week for it during Sturgis bike week.
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Steve Kuo Very nice. Trim yes, color...how about windows?
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Dana Erikson Windows will be coming
Craig Harlan Hullinger
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Jeanette Ruud Kuo Is there such a thing as exterior chalk board paint? Then they can do their own art.
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Craig Harlan Hullinger
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JoAnn Meyer Looks so good Dana. Wonderful job!
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Craig Harlan Hullinger Looking good. I think the girls should decide the paint.
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Karl Weiss Forrest green
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Judy Shaw Nicely done, Dana! I think the ladies should decide the color! 
Ginger Sunday Evans Robins egg blue
JoAnn Meyer White, trim color is up to kids. Door one color, window trim another color, facia, yet another color...everyone gets a color!

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