2010 Reunion


Home for the Holidays

Checked all the weather and road forecasts, and decided the best bet was to drive in via Wisconsin on Friday.  Managed to hit the greater Chicagoland area at Friday rush hour -- took me FOUR hours to get from the Illinois border to the folk's place.

Grueling!  Don't know how the natives stand it....
Couldn't get over to the cash lane to pay a couple of the tolls (I mean, you signal your intention to move over a lane, and Chicagoland drivers deliberately make it impossible to change lanes!)

Also, my windshield wiper fluid froze up for much of the trip.  I did find if you slow down enough for semis to pass you,  they spray enough fluid for you to take a quick windshield wiper wipe..... I did find that trying to spray Windex on your windshield while driving does not work (you can only get some on the very edge of the windshield....Thankfully, when the freezing drizzle started, that took care of that problem....

If I had known, I would have stopped at a tollway oasis and just hung out until after rush hour.  Any why are all those people trying to go TO Chicago during evening rush? Shouldn't they be going the other way?

Okay, I have vented now.

Anne Hullinger


See, Anne, after you left Chicago for the wild west you softened up.

Beth and I are flying in from Florida. Leaving 80 degree weather for 8 degree weather.  And Leigh Ann is flying in from relatively warm Seattle.  

Looking forward to a fine Chicago Christmas. Brrrr!

Craig Hullinger

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