2010 Reunion


Louise Meets Muggs

Louise Liffengren Meets Margaret (Muggs) Hullinger
Margaret (Muggs) Hullinger and I met at the Vivian dances and got to be friends. She told me about her experiences in College, at least that is the way I remember it.
None of us had telephones, although there were telephones in Draper and Vivian. The telephone lines north of Draper were laden with snow and were not usable. So I wrote to Margaret to tell when I’d arrive the next time in Vivian. One spring day I took the train to Vivian where she was to meet me.
Muggs met me when I got off the train in the middle of the afternoon. She was all excited because her big brother Clifford surprised them by coming in from overseas where he had been for the War.
To this day Margaret credits
Cupid (Muggs) at Clif and Louise 50th Anniversary 
herself for being Cupid, arranging a romance between Clif and I. It is true I registered to go back to College at South Dakota State in Brookings and when Clif was discharged he also came back to Brookings. He had been in his Junior year at Brookings when he was activated for the War.
Clif and I took some 
Clif and Louise Hullinger Wedding
classes together.  One was “Family”, a psychology class.

That is my version.


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