2010 Reunion




Far out in the country, miles from town
Where few passers-by see her ranch
 Jenny hangs laundry on wires stretched taut
   And held up in the air with a branch.

There she hangs coveralls, blue denim shirts,
Scrubbed clean with ashes and lye
  Neatly she clothes-pins them, all in a row
    And waits for the hot winds to dry.

Primly she hangs things, precisely arranges
 Dresses and aprons, so colors won't fade
   Gracing the line next, a young child's clothing
     Rompers, and blouses and items handmade.

Then she hies to the attic, with girdles and slips
   (And items she couldn't discuss)
      She hangs them with care lest a male dare stare   
        Snatch a peek, sneak a look, raise a fuss.    
           Causing Jennie to blush.

Louise Hullinger Copyright

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