2010 Reunion


Chicago Cowboy Rodeo Bronc Rider

When I was a little kid my father and my uncle Red took me to a rodeo in a great indoor arena in Chicago. Red was the real singing cowboy, riding and roping cattle on the Hullinger ranch in South Dakota. 

With great fanfare they announced that a genuine Chicago Cowboy would ride a bucking bronco. We loyal Chicagoans were rooting for our home grown hero.

When they opened the gate the Chicago cowboy
immediately fell off, much to the chagrin of Chicago fans. I think it is likely that he had been overserved prior to trying to ride the bucking bronco and that this was his first time on a bucking bronc. 

Craig Hullinger

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers at the Chicago Stadium Rodeo in 1948 

Chicago Stadium - the Madhouse on Madison

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