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Clif and Louise 65th Anniversary

This June 6th, 2011 marks the 65th wedding anniversary of Clif & Louise Hullinger.  We aren't going to have a big "do" (although we would surely love to see our Aunt Margaret don her Cupid costume again!), but we are inviting you to shower  them  with your greetings via e-mail or card.

2320 W. 113th Place, Unit 1326
Chicago, IL  60643

Craig, Anne and Scott Hullinger
A little history:

Clif's sister, Margaret, introduced them, and when Margaret and Louise had their big adventure to Fort Wayne, Indiana (Margaret' s parents talked the girls out of going to California and into going to Indiana, where there were relatives). Clif, home on leave, escorted them on the train. Later, they met again at SDSU, romance blossomed, and the rest is history. (Louise claims she was impressed by someone who could use such words as reconnoiter). 

In 1946, when they got married in Brookings,  cars were on waiting lists.  So, they took their honeymoon via bus, to beautiful Sioux Falls, (South Dakota's answer to Niagara) where they went to several Canaries baseball games.

Clif was sponsored for graduate work at Purdue U. in Indiana by American Maize, a corn starch company for whom he later worked his entire career, first in research, becoming the Director of Research and then as the Production Manager. After retirement, he volunteered his expertise with companies in then-developing Korea and India, and did some stints consulting from  Montana to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Louise kept 4 kids in line, was an advocate for children with learning disabilities (president of Chicago and Illinois chapters) and served on a committee under President Carter.  At 55, she returned to college and earned her masters in special education. She published 3 books, one on learning disabilities, one a ghost biographer, and one  book of short stories on South Dakota in the 30s.

Throughout their lives, they have been active in church, scouting, reigning in their children, and competing as to which had the bigger and better hometown. (Draper vs. Vivian).



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