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DNA Testing

We now have the mtDNA testing complete for Pearl Harlan Hullinger. All of her children, and all the children of her female descendants, and all of her female ancestors would have the same or nearly the same mtDNA.

Her Mitochondrial (mtDNA) Haplogroup T which is thought to have originated in Mesopotamia and/or the Fertile Crescent (modern Syria and Turkey) approximately 10,000-12,000 years ago, and then moved northwest in to Europe and east as far as modern Pakistan and India.

In his popular book The Seven Daughters of EveBryan Sykes, who is himself in Haplogroup T, named the originator of this group "Tara," which means rocky hill in Gaelic. Sykes believes that: "Tara herself lived 17,000 years ago in the northwest of Italy among the hills of Tuscany and along the estuary of the river Arno."

      (Clifford Hullinger fought along the River Arno in Italy in World War II. Back to were our GGGGGGGGGGGrandmother lived)

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We also have the "Y" Chromsome Tests on the Hullinger men. We have a number of links to other Hullinger from Switzerland, which proves our Swiss connection. But the chromosome is relatively rare in Switzerland, indicating that our ancestry came to Switzerland from somewhere else, probably the middle east.

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